Guess who's going to SPX??


The luck gods are smiling upon me!  Or, to be more accurate, they're smiling upon Allie, who actually threw her hat in the lottery.  ANYway, we'll be there, peddling our wares, rolling in piles of comics, and probably eating a ton of Chinese from that place next door to the thing.

I'll have the revised first issue of Enigma with a pretty new cover, and hopefully a mini or a sketchbook as well (maybe both?!?)  It's gonna be a big thing, and I'm super looking forward to seeing all you guys who live a million miles across the country and checking out everyone's new stuff!

Hi my name is Lex and I am Terrible at maintaining a blog

I have been doing things, though!  Primarily freelance work, moving, and trying to pin down the ever-elusive Steady Job.  It's a slippery bugger.

On the plus side, I am now living in an awesome town full of awesome people and living with even more awesome people (another CCSer even!), and things are pretty dang perfect.  Northampton is lousy with cartoonists and queers and brilliant combinations of the two.  It's still kind of overwhelming, what with being the first time I've ever lived in a largely populated area, but I seem to be adapting pretty smoothly!

In comics news, I've been pretty wrapped up in a sweet freelance job. A ton of people I admire (and went to school with!) are in on it too, so look forward to it being top notch!  It's been keeping me from Enigma things, but I'll be heading home for Christmas, and there really isn't much to do in northern NH outside draw forever.  I've got pleeeeeeeenty of things to keep me busy, which means more stuff for you guys!  Expect sketches and whatnot and maybe some whisperings about some Enigma stories that will happen in the future.

Till then!

Actual Updates and some important Enigma things

Hello universe! As you may have noticed, there are ACTUAL THINGS up in here now!  I've gone through and edited, noodled around, futzed with, and crammed more art and comics (or comics at all) into the dark, lonesome pages of this site.

Most notably, the entire first chapter of Welcome to Enigma is up for your reading pleasure!  There are a couple reasons for this.  First: I love you all and want to feed you tons of comics.  Second: Chapter one is getting a MAJOR OVERHAUL.

That chapter was my minithesis from my first year at CCS and, needless to say, I've improved drastically as a writer and as an artist since then.  I'm using a completely new set of tools (save for microns, but microns go with everything), and the old Chapter One now looks really out of place and old.  It reads more like a prologue than like a first chapter, and that's because I hadn't figured out the rest of the story at that point.

Basically, it was a mess. 

That said, I still like that piece for what it is - an experiment; an adventure finding things that worked for me and things that didn't, figuring out how to string a story together coherently, and at that time, it was the longest comic I had ever finished.  I'm proud of it!  And I hope that, as you're reading it, you can see how much I put into it and how much love it's got pouring out of its freehand panel borders and unruled lettering.

I'm hoping to have Actual Chapter One done and printed for SPX.  Not that I have a table, but hey, it's an immutable deadline anyways and those are the kind that actually make me work.  Keep an eye out for sketches and stuff over on my tumblr(s), and as always, bother me incessantly about things because otherwise I will probably forget!